Sustainability is a multidisciplinary focus that balances economic growth, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Pioneer Natural Resources (Pioneer) emphasizes developing natural resources in a way that protects our communities and preserves the environment.

Complying with applicable environmental laws, regulations and policies is only the beginning of our commitment. We have a proactive compliance program to identify and correct any operational deficiencies we find. This process includes direct cooperation with appropriate government agencies. Our goal is to continue raising the bar regarding environmental performance standards on soil, water, waste and air emissions.

Pioneer’s collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts are led by our dedicated and highly involved environmental and sustainable development department. The department strives to ensure our operations are sustainable through a concentrated focus on current and emerging risks, opportunities and challenges. Comprehensive scientific analysis of operational information is employed to reduce our impact on the environment and to provide cost-effective solutions. Science is also the basis of Pioneer’s efforts to educate legislators, regulators and the public to inform them regarding potential government action and enhance our community relationships.

See our 2018 Sustainability Report (posted 8/31/18).

A Top Priority

Pioneer’s commitment to excellence is anchored by strong corporate governance. The Health, Safety and Environment Committee of our board of directors provides oversight for our health, safety and environmental practices and monitors management’s efforts in fostering a culture of safety and environmental protection. Accountability for and the execution of these goals is overseen by the Pioneer Corporate Environmental Committee, which is composed of executive and senior management, and key stakeholders throughout the Company.

The structure and function of our board and its committees, and their respective roles in managing the risks that we face as a company, are discussed in greater detail in the Proxy Statement for our Annual Meeting of Stockholders. In addition, we have governance guidelines and charters for each of our standing board committees.


For more information on Pioneer's water, air, and surface efforts and commitments, click the images below.


Our team of air quality experts communicates and coordinates internal compliance with state and federal regulations, while operations departments develop emissions-reducing solutions.

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Pioneer employees work diligently to prevent spills, and we collaborate with regulators and landowners to minimize our footprint on the surface.

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Pioneer looks for innovative solutions to reduce water consumption, protect groundwater quality and respond transparently to public interest.

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TCEQ honors Pioneer for pollution prevention and water conservation

In 2015 Pioneer’s D.L. Hutt lease water recycling project was a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Texas Environmental Excellence Award (TEEA) finalist in the water conservation category. Demonstrating Pioneer’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Pioneer is taking a comprehensive approach to water conservation. For several years, Pioneer has piloted and evaluated various technologies for conserving water through reuse and has developed more efficient water transportation and storage methods.

In 2014 the TCEQ honored Pioneer as a TEEA winner for pollution prevention. The TCEQ selected our reduced-emissions pigging project in the West Texas Panhandle from more than 200 applications, recognizing the project’s efforts to preserve and protect the environment. The project thoroughly evaluated a standard industry procedure known to release minor emissions and incorporated three innovative solutions that simultaneously reduce air emissions, recover previously lost resources and minimize the risk for spills. Pioneer is the first oil and gas company to be recognized in the TEEA pollution prevention category. The TCEQ award highlights Pioneer’s commitment to protecting the environment in the communities where we operate.

Additionally, our coordinated project with the city of Bowie, Texas, in municipal water reuse was recognized as a TEEA finalist in the Water Conservation category.

Project Overview Video: 2014 TEEA Winner, Pollution Prevention Category

TEEA Finalist Website Link

Photo: Pioneer received the 2014 Texas Environmental Excellence Award for pollution prevention.