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We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in and around Pioneer’s facilities and operating areas by enforcing high standards, strict corporate policies and responsible and ethical procedures.

Safety starts with good governance and committed senior managers, and our corporate Safety Committee sets the direction and vision for programs in our asset areas. The heart of Pioneer’s safety program lies within the field office Safety Action Teams, who are responsible for reporting and discussing safety concerns, reviewing accident investigations, assisting with field inspections and developing and reviewing corporate standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Pioneer approaches safety proactively, and measures include employee and management training and a focus on safe driving. Also, through continuous improvement initiatives, all employees are empowered to identify ways Pioneer can raise corporate safety standards and awareness.


Safety Training and Performance  

We follow relevant OSHA standards and regulations, provide new-hire training and offer regular courses for seasoned employees.

Effective training programs reduce the occurrence and severity of accidents, and Pioneer takes employee training seriously. We conduct several types of safety training throughout the company, including Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and SOP training. Courses include best practices for managing risks, techniques for continuous improvement and information on our commitment to safe practices.

Our employee training programs cover accident prevention, protective equipment, safe operating practices, working with chemical materials and workplace hazards. We follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and regulations related to our business, offering new-hire training and regular courses for seasoned employees.

In 2015 our HSE team provided more than 72,500 person-hours of training to more than 5,600 Pioneer employees and our well services and pumping services subsidiary companies. Pioneer also trained more than 1,250 employees in SOPs, providing more than 9,100 person-hours of training on procedures in operations and well services areas.

Pioneer tracks safety performance based on requirements from OSHA including our Lost-Time Injury Rate (LTIR). Pioneer utilizes the industry standard measurement of injuries per 200,000 person-hours relative to the total number of hours worked in calculating LTIR. Pioneer has an integrated service model, and our employees work in exploration and production (E&P;) as well as pumping and well services. In order to benchmark ourselves against appropriate peer companies, we separate LTIR for E&P; employees from LTIR for pumping and well services employees. Our LTIR in 2015 was 0.17 for E&P; employees and 0.45 for service employees.

We strive to achieve an injury-free workplace and have established a culture of safety to foster awareness and understanding in all employees. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we work to reduce potential risks and improve our safety processes continuously.


Pioneer Pumping Services (PPS) takes training to the next level

In 2013 the PPS training department rolled out a comprehensive two-week, on-site, new hire training program. In addition to attending OSHA courses and equipment training, employees are treated to round-the-clock cafeteria service, fitness and recreation rooms and laundry service. The biggest benefit, not previously available through third-party training, is learning about PPS-specific equipment and going on field and yard inspections. After completing the training one employee commented, “This training has been the most extensive and informative that I have ever been to.”


Leadership Training 

We’re dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone is responsible for safety and operates safely at all times.

This commitment starts at the top, and our managers attend safety training programs to promote safe behavior. Since 2012, 297 managers have attended the OSHA 40-hour Safety Leadership training, which focuses on the general industry and construction standards.


We believe in safety

Pioneer regularly updates safety training material to keep it relevant and engaging. Over the last year, we featured a series of three targeted training courses to help further embed our culture of safety. The most recent course, the ten-hour WeBelieve program, was created by Pioneer staff and features real-time participant polling, group discussions, case studies and an anchor video with comments from senior leaders reinforcing the importance of safety in Pioneer’s operations.


Vehicle Safety  

Pioneer uses information from GPS technology to coach driver behaviors.

Safe driving is an important part of a safe working environment. More than 1,600 vehicles in our fleet, representing 95 percent of our light duty trucks, are equipped with GPS tracking technology to help us monitor driving practices, improve driver safety and ultimately reduce the number of incidents and injuries related to operating our vehicles.

The GPS technology allows us to check that our drivers are maintaining proper speeds and alerts us to any high-risk driving behavior so we can determine where more training is needed. We are also using this technology to optimize routes and reduce miles driven as well as notify our team when trucks are due for maintenance.

Overall, Pioneer employees drove a total of 35 million miles in 2015 and completed more than 16,000 person-hours of driver safety training courses.

Pioneer tracks Preventable Vehicle Accidents (PVA) to help monitor the effectiveness of fleet safety programs. Pioneer’s overall PVA in 2015 was 1.76, meaning for every million miles driven, our employees had 1.76 preventable vehicle accidents.


Pioneer is committed to preserving our environmental heritage through safe, efficient and environmentally sound business practices and operations.

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Strong corporate governance practices, an involved Board of Directors and a focus on health, safety and environmental practices anchor our business.

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Careers at Pioneer

We provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, including competitive pay, excellent benefits and meaningful work.

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