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Prick up your Ears (hem, hem)

Each week we'll provide you with a package of entirely new samples, which are, of course, totally free of charge! You can simply download what you like for use on your eJay creation product or any other piece of music mixing software. In order to listen to the sounds (MP3-stream, low quality) you will need, for example, the eJay FreePlayer.

Trancey Athmos

This week we´ve got some silent sounds for you. For everyone who loves spheric sounds, here is your playground….. all samples are @ 140 bpm and a-minor.





Angels Choir 01

Angels Choir 02

Angels Choir 03

Angels Choir 04

Angels Choir 05

Angels Choir 06

Angels Choir 07

Angels Choir 08

Angels Choir 09

Angels Choir 10

Angels Choir 11

Angels Choir 12

Angels Choir 13

Angels Choir 14

Angels Choir 15

Electric Sphere 01

Electric Sphere 02

Electric Sphere 03

Electric Sphere 04

Electric Sphere 05

Complete download "Trancey Athmos" zipped
mp3-format (128kb): Trancey Athmos (0,9MB)

Last Weeks' Samples:
There's no problem downloading our previous sample files as they're all handily racked, stacked and ready to download in our Archive page. Here you'll find all the eJay samples ever published!


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Dance Kit Vol. II
This is the second Part of our Dance Kit. Party loops for your music!

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