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Sheffield (e)~ B~ &~ :&~ ~ S~ zPresident and~ >~ L~ z~ n~ B~~  <Chief Executive Officer~ :~ $~ /~ z~ B~~ ҅Dennis E. Fagerstone~ B~ B~ ž ~ >~ ~ z Executive Vice President~ >~ 2~ 2~ z~ "~ y~ :~ ~ 2~ 2~~ "~ MMark L. Withrow (e)~ B~ B~ ž ~ &W~ ~ b Executive Vice President~ >~ ~ b&~ C~ "~ _D/ lwk_S-I*# H< !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? and General Counsel~ :~ BB~ b&~ J~ "~ !"Timothy L. Dove~ "B~ "B~ "ž ~ "H~ "~ " #Executive Vice President~ #>~ #~ #2 ~ #H~ #"~ #W#$and Chief Financial Officer~ $:~ $BB~ $^&~ $*H~ $"~ $ƅ%&Danny L. Kellum (e)~ &B~ &~ &~ &-~ &~ &V 'Executive Vice President~ '>~ 'ҿ ~ 'b~ 'n~ '~ '&(Domestic Operations~ (:~ ( ~ (b~ (*S~ (8~ () *(a)*voluntarily reduce*reduced his 1999 sa*salary 20%, and t*the other named&+ executive officers volunt+voluntarily re+reduced their s+salaries 10% dur+ during 1999., -(b)- awarded und-under the Compan- Company's-bonus program and%. forgiveness of a Company.loan to. Mr. Dove for.113,204 in 199.1999./ 0(c)0relocati0relocation and housin0housing cost of livin0living&1 related to moving the cor1 corporate h1headquarters f1from Midland, Te1Texas to Irving,&2 Texas as follows: payment2for 19921999 - Mr. Kellu2Kellum 12,539; paym2payment for 1998 -%3 Mr. Withrow 42,290 and M3 Mr. Kellu3Kellum 132,839; (3(ii) tax gross-u3gross-up payments for4 relocation4living4 adjustment:4payment for 19994- Mr.5 471;5- Mr.5Withrow~ 525Kellum&6 Amounts not shown represe6represent misce6miscellaneous perq6 perquisites.7 8(d)8 includes (i 8(i)8contributions8 qualified9 plans9 Sheffield,9 Fagerstone,9Withrow, 9and~ :r~ :~ :~ ::respectively;; contributions; Company's; non-qualif;non-qualified; compensation&< retirement plan for Messr<Messrs. Sheff<Sheffield, Fagerst<Fagerstone, Withrow, D<Dove and Kellum= of 65,027,~ == 29,000 and=$24,000 respecti=respectively;%> 1,330 premium with respe> respect to a>term life ins>insurance policy f>for the benefit? of Mr. Sheffield;? (iv) reimb?reimbursement for?financial couns?counseling servicesDJl(%}O 5jX@ABCDEFGHIJ&@ for Messrs. Sheffield and@Kellum@ for 2,175 an@and 2,545 respec@respectively.A B(e)B CompensationB CompensatioB CompensationB ExecutiveC EmployeeC PartnershCPartnerships"C informationCaboutD Parsley-sponsoredDemployeeD investmentD partnershipsDwhich&E Sheffield, Withrow and KeE Kellum invEinvested their oE own funds.FG$H____________________________1I)Created by Morningstar Document Research.0J(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/wkj=PF0*8X> @JJIIHH l  L:48A%F dMbP?_*+%,&٭e2?'٭e2?(٭e2?)٭e2?",D/??Summary CompensationStock Option ExercisesCOMPANY PERFORMANCECOMPANY PERFORMANCE (1)Beneficial OwnershipU } I"} <(} I"} m}  L    $PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CODEF 14A 04/02/2001Stock Option Grants ) !OPTION GRANTS IN LAST FISCAL YEAR      Individual Grants   Number of % of Total SecuritiesOptions Granted Exercise or Underlying to Employees Base Price Expiration Grant DateOptions GrantedIn Fiscal YearPer Share (c) Date Value (d)Mr. Sheffield 60,000 (a)4.17%@2/15/06-07-08~  60,000 (b)4.17%)@8/16/06-07-08~ BMr. Fagerstone 23,000 (a) 1.6%@2/15/06-07-08~  23,000 (b) 1.6%)@8/16/06-07-08~  Mr. Withrow 23,000 (a) 1.6%@2/15/06-07-08~  23,000 (b) 1.6%)@8/16/06-07-08~ Mr. Dove 23,000 (a) 1.6%@2/15/06-07-08~  23,000 (b) 1.6%)@8/16/06-07-08~  Mr. Kellum 23,000 (a) 1.6%@2/15/06-07-08~  23,000 (b) 1.6%)@8/16/06-07-08~  (a) granted on~ >at the rate ofDA lxl`Ts$ 7Vx !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?$  one-third each year, co commencing on the first anniversary of the grant date,$! and have a term of five!years from the date !of !The" Committee retains" discretion,"plan limits, to m"modify the terms# of the#the event of a change i #in #the$$ defined in the Plan, th$the options will$ immediately$fully vested and!% exercisable in full.& '(b)'granted~ 'B'at the$( one-third each year com(commencing on the first(anniversary of(the grant date,$) and have a term of five)years from the date )of )The* Committee retains* discretion,*plan limits, to m*modify the terms+ of the+the event of a change i +in +the$, defined in the Plan, th,the options will, immediately,fully vested and!- exercisable in full.. /(c)/per share is equal to t/ the closing/price of the common$0 stock on the New York S0Stock0composite tape on the0day before the1 date of grant.2 3(d) 3date3 shares in3(a) and (b) is4 determined4Black-Scholes4 The material4assumptions and$5 adjustments incorporate(5 incorporated in the Black-Schole$5Black-Scholes model in estim5estimating the value#6 of the options include6the following:78 o8interest8footnote 8and!9 footnote 9(b),9 represents9rate on a U. S.!: Treasury:security:maturity date:corresponding$; expected op; option term.<= o=of 50% for footnote=(a) and (b) calcu=calculated using the$> lesser of (1>(1) daily stock prices>for the 120-day>period prior to$? the grant da?date, or (2) 50%.D lSiE 8X{o O@ABCDEFGHIJK@$A No other adjustments weAwere made to the modelAfor non-transfer#Anon-transferability or risk$B of forfeiture. The ulti!Bultimate values of the opBoptions will depenBdepend on the future$C market price of the comCcommon stock,Ccannot be forecastCwith reasonableD accuracy.Dvalue, if any, an optiDoptionee will realizDrealize upon exerciseE of an optionEdepend on the excess ofE the marketEvalue of the common$F stock over the exerciseFprice on the date thFthe option is exerF exercised.GH$I____________________________1J)Created by Morningstar Document Research.0K(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/gbp=PF0*8X> @KKJJII l  "R|S dMbP?_*+%,&٭e2?'٭e2?(٭e2?)٭e2?",D/??Summary CompensationStock Option GrantsCOMPANY PERFORMANCECOMPANY PERFORMANCE (1)Beneficial OwnershipU } $} 8} } } } } 0 "    $PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CODEF 14A 04/02/2001Stock Option Exercises 7 /AGGREGATED OPTION EXERCISES IN LAST FISCAL YEAR ) !AND FISCAL YEAR END OPTION VALUES        Number of Securities  Value of Unexercised Number ofUnderlying Unexercised In-the-MoneyShares"Options at Fiscal Year End"Options at Fiscal Year End Acquired onValueExerciseRealized ExercisableUnexercisable ExercisableUnexercisable (a)Mr. Sheffield~ b~  ~ "~ ~  ~ 8Mr. Fagerstone~ *[~  4~ ' ~ v~ 2< ~ *+ Mr. Withrow~ "N~ fT~ ~ v~  ~ *+Mr. Dove~ *[~ "~  ~ v~ 6< ~ *+ Mr. Kellum~ 4~ ~ N'~ >~ ~ J% (a) by multiplyimultiplying thenumber of unexercisunexercised options by the closing saleof thecommon stock on& December 29, 2000, and ssubtracting ththe aggregate eexercise price.$____________________________D lui]Q 1<pdXLq4(@ !1 )Created by Morningstar Document Research.0!(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/=PF0*8X> @!!  l  #]^ dMbP?_*+%,&٭e2?'٭e2?(٭e2?)٭e2?",D/??Summary CompensationStock Option GrantsStock Option ExercisesCOMPANY PERFORMANCE (1)Beneficial OwnershipU } $ } V} }  #    $PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CODEF 14A 04/02/2001COMPANY PERFORMANCE 9 1COMPARISON OF FIVE YEAR CUMULATIVE TOTAL RETURN * P HAMONG PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES COMPANY, THE STANDARD & POOR'S 500 INDEX / 'AND THE DOW JONES OIL - SECONDARY INDEX   PioneerNatural Dow JonesStandard Measurement Resources Oil& Poor's(Fiscal Year Covered)Company Secondary 500~ .~ ~ ~ ~ 2~ ~ ~ ~ 6~ ~ ~ ~ :~ ~ ^~ N~ >~ ~ ~ ~ B~ n~ ~  *1995 in stock or index. Including1)reinvestment of dividends. Fiscal year enending December 31.D)lxl`T lHn RB6o !"$ ____________________________1!)Created by Morningstar Document Research.0"(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/ (=PF0*8X> @""!!  l  f dMbP?_*+%,&٭e2?'٭e2?(٭e2?)٭e2?",D/??Summary CompensationStock Option GrantsStock Option ExercisesCOMPANY PERFORMANCEBeneficial OwnershipU } 0.} } y } } $     $PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CODEF 14A 04/02/2001COMPANY PERFORMANCE  1995 1996 19971998 1999 2000   .& Pioneer Natural Resources Company~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n" Standard & Poor's 500~ ~ ~ ~ N~ ~ & Dow Jones Oil - Secondary~ ~ ~ ~ ^~ ~ $____________________________1)Created by Morningstar Document Research.0(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/0clT<$ ||=PF0*8X> @ l  qoxՆ dMbP?_*+%,&٭e2?'٭e2?(٭e2?)٭e2?",D/??Summary CompensationStock Option GrantsStock Option ExercisesCOMPANY PERFORMANCECOMPANY PERFORMANCE (1)U } @} U}  q    $PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CODEF 14A 04/02/2001Beneficial Ownership   Number of  Percentage+ #Name of Person or Identity of Group Shares  Of Class (1)  /'Southeastern Asset Management, Inc. (2)~ ?26.7%Longleaf Partners FundO. Mason Hawkins%6410 Poplar Avenue, Suite 900Memphis, Tennessee$Richard E. Rainwater (3) (4)#777 Main Street, Suite 2700Fort Worth, Texas~ ,` 5.9%#Scott D. Sheffield (4), (5)~ VP * Timothy L. Dove (4), (6)~   * Dennis E. Fagerstone (4)~  *DlkS;# {ocWKh\4x9- !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? Danny L. Kellum (4), (7)~ j *! "Mark L. Withrow (4), (8)~ " "*#$James R. Baroffio (4)~ $ $*%&R. Hartwell Gardner (4)~ & &*'"(James L. Houghton (4), (9)~ (ƾ (*)*Jerry P. Jones (4)~ *"u **+",Charles E. Ramsey, Jr. (4)~ ,k ,*-%.Robert L. Stillwell (4), (10)~ . .*/10)All directors and executive officers as a!1 group (11 persons) (11)~ 1Z[ 11.5%23* Does not exceed 1%.4~ 55 consisting~ 5F=65 outstanding shares of common stock and 1,940,6566 outstanding6 exchangeable=75 shares that are exchangeable for the same number7of shares of com7common stock.8~ 99February 9, 2001, which9 is a joint=:5 statement on Schedule 13G/A filed by Southeaster: Southeastern: Management,; ("Southeastern"),;("Longleaf") and O. Mas;Mason Hawkins< ("Hawkins"),<filed by Southea<Southeastern as a= registered=of the securities= covered by> the>Southeastern's>advisory'? clients and none are owned? indirectly?Southeastern.D lvj."RFt1%Vi@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_@ Schedule@statement is also bein@being filed by=A5 Hawkins, Chairman of the Board and C.E.O. of SouASoutheastern,A the event he$B could be deemed to be aBthat firm as theB result ofC his officialC its votingC securities.D existenceD disclaimed.D does not own=E5 directly or indirectly any securities covered byEthe Schedule 13GE13G/A for hisF own account.GH1I) 17JKLMN~ OO Rainwater,O which Mr.P Rainwater~ P\P which Mr.<Q4 Rainwater disclaims beneficial ownership) ownedQby Mr. Rainwater'QRainwater's spouse.R~ SSto stock optionsS that wereT exercisable at or~ TrT Rainwater,=U5 18,147; Mr. Sheffield, 142,500; Mr. Dove, 178,16U178,166; Mr. FagerstoneUFagerstone, 225,164;V Mr. VMr.V 48,096; Mr.W Gardner,WJones, WMr./X' 49,000; and Mr. Stillwell, 48,096.Y~ Z ZMr.Z 5,000 shares[ held in Mr.[account and 10,[10,895 shares4\, held in Mr. Sheffield's 401(k) account.]~ ^^account._D l9MmaUI=1?3*wB`abcdefghijklmnop~ ``account.a~ bb401(k) account.c~ dd of which Mr.dHoughton=e5 trustee and over which shares he has sole voting eande power and=f5 2,000 shares held in Mr. Houghton's investment rfretirement accountfaccount.g=h5(10) Includes 758 shares held by Mr. Stillwell's wifehwife.i~ jjsubject to stock opj options that=k5were exercisable at or within 60 days after March 28,k2001.lm$n____________________________1o)Created by Morningstar Document Research.0p(http://documentresearch.morningstar.com/&s@c-!~rJ=PF0*8X> @ppoonn Root Entry FBook  X  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABC