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This Week's Bet Winner is Franceska Gucci from Italy

Congratulations Franceska! By successfully tipping the winner of this week's contest, you have won some of the latest eJay software...

The Weekly Winner Tip

What is the "Weekly Winner Tip" at eJay of the week?

Well, we've thought of a game where you can win something even if you do not want to contribute a song to the contest - it's called the Weekly Winner Tip and it's dead easy!


Each Thursday we present the current nominees, that is, those fifteen songs that have the chance to become eJay of the Week. You've got until the following Monday to study the form and tip which song you think is going to win. Then on Tuesday afternoon you'll find out whether you have backed the winner. There will be another round the following Thursday and so on, until the end of the contest!


Of course there will be prizes involved. Those who have chosen the winner will be entered into a draw, and the winner will win some software. Everybody can take part, whether they're an eJay of the Week participant or simply a normal user.


However, for legal reasons, no employees of eJay Ltd and participating companies can take part.




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Groovy stuff to be won by each EOTW winner and Top Tipper!

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