South Texas: Youth Livestock Shows

Future Farmers of America

Youth livestock shows are a part of South Texas culture, a demonstration of the rich heritage that lovingly blends responsibility and state pride.

At the annual competitions, students from 4-H and National FFA Organization programs exhibit their professional growth and responsibility by presenting goats, cattle, pigs and other livestock they’ve raised.

There’s the opportunity to earn honors and sponsorships, or even make a sale, should animals meet breed-specific judging criteria. Many competitors save their earnings for college tuition, while others re-invest in livestock for the next year.

Pioneer supports the lessons and values gained through agricultural education. Each year we send youth letters of encouragement and contribute funds to students who participate in shows in Pioneer’s areas of operations in South Texas.

We believe that not only do these programs equip young minds with the hands-on experience of providing for others, but they also instill the careful thought and accountability necessary for strong, influential leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more about the National FFA Organization, also known as Future Farmers of America or FFA, at

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