Laboratory Technician III
Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - 1

Performs verifiable QA testing of well stimulation and cementing fluid systems with additives to verify fluid design tests, and provides design changes and workaround solutions when QC tests fail. Perform water quality analysis and recommend remediation techniques when necessary. Performs basic additive selection and design of stimulation and cementing fluids. Perform pre-test and pre-job tasks needed in preparation for providing analytical support to actual operations. Provide on location support for critical jobs. Provide input to engineering in regards to fluid designs and fluid performance given temperature, pressure and time requirements. Prepare laboratory reports and presentations on a bi-monthly basis. Provide designs for advanced techniques. Maintain and calibrate all laboratory equipment and ensure clean, orderly and safe working conditions in the laboratory. Maintain all required documentation. Train and educate technical staff on fluid properties and fluid designs.

High School Diploma or equivalency is required. Some advanced education or training in Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Engineering, or related field of study is required. 5 years of previous oilfield and laboratory experience required with a basic operational and technical understanding of both Stimulation and Cementing, Must be able to effectively communicate with managers and employees at all levels including giving presentations to a group. Must possess a valid vehicle operator’s license with a clean driving record.

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