Sr. Engineering Tech
Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - 1

Support and assist the Pioneer Well Service effort by providing technical guidance and quality control measurement and documentation associated with well completions. Other duties will include creating frac pump schedules, Fracpro analysis, laboratory testing and documentation of lab test results, timely generation and maintenance of files associated with well completions into server storage and Wellview, assisting the well completion and cementing effort as directed.

A High School diploma or equivalent certification is required with a minimum of 2 years experience in a field operations role in the Oil & Gas industry; or an equivalent combination of experience and education may be substituted. Must have good computer skills and the ability to stay focused in the midst of being expected to juggle several responsibilities. A strong aptitude related to basic mathematics is desirable and the candidate can expect to be tested to determine his or her functional knowledge. Travel is required in this position as days and possibly weeks may be spent away from home.

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