Lead Well Site Mechanic
Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - 1

Ensure that all work is being done safely and accurately at all times, that all fellow employees and contractors are wearing required personal protective equipment and that all are using proper lock-out tag-out procedures and all equipment is in safe working operation. Know the closest location for M.S.D.S. and keep an emergency call list with them at all times. Work closely with all Well Site Mechanics, Lease Operators and their peers to ensure maximum and efficient run time on all well head equipment. Make sure all preventive maintenance is being done accurately and on time, that all locations/equipment are free of leaks and spills and Mechanics show excellent house keeping at all times. Be able to fix any mechanical or D.C. electrical problem on any unit. Stay until all Mechanics are in the yard and accounted for at the end of each shift. Help coordinate training seminars and keep up with evolving technologies. Fill in for the Well Site Mechanic Supervisor when needed.

A High School diploma or equivalent certification is required with a minimum of 5 years related mechanical experience. Must have basic computer knowledge and knowledge of downhole operations a plus.

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