Sr. Sr. Staff Operations Geologist
Las Colinas - TX
Available Positions 1

Work independently with limited supervision to provide geological expertise for the planning and execution of well drilling programs, both internally and outside operated, intended to discover and develop Oil & Gas reserves. Responsibilities occur throughout the life cycle of the drilling process and include: pre-drill activities such as well permitting and planning, drilling operations and data collection, data distribution and reporting. Must have the ability to provide timely and comprehensive communications within the G&G; department, among other internal departments, and with partners at all stages of the process to ensure an efficient drilling program. May be required to perform well site geology, log analysis, conduct independent geologic studies, perform seismic interpretation with integration of geologic data, and generate interpretations for exploration or development projects. This job description reflects the minimum job duties for the lower level position.

A Masters degree in Geology is required with at least 5 years of actual work experience in Petroleum Geology, preferably involving some supervision of the activities of others. Experience must include some well-site work and familiarity with drilling operations, wireline logging operations, and MWD/LWD tools. Should have an understanding of fundamentals of reservoir engineering and be able to apply basic reservoir engineering concepts in technical evaluations. Interpret and integrate seismic data into technical evaluations. Proficiency in the use of geoscience software, Microsoft Office software, and the Internet is required. These requirements reflect the minimum requirements for the lower level position. The level at which a candidate is hired into is dependent upon the skill level and previous related experience of that candidate and the minimum qualifications for such level that they are hired.

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