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photo of Scott D. Sheffield Scott D. Sheffield
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Timothy L. Dove Timothy L. Dove
President and
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Mark S. Berg Mark S. Berg
Executive Vice President
and General Counsel
photo of Chris Cheatwood Chris J. Cheatwood
Executive Vice President, Business Development & Geoscience
photo of Richard P. Dealy Richard P. Dealy
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
photo of William F. Hannes William F. Hannes
Executive Vice President,
South Texas Operations
photo of Danny L. Kellum Danny L. Kellum
Executive Vice President, Permian Operations
photo of Jay P. Still Jay P. Still
Executive Vice President,
Domestic Operations
photo of Frank E. Hopkins Frank E. Hopkins
Senior Vice President,
Investor Relations
photo of Denny B. Bullard Denny B. Bullard
Vice President,
Operations Services
photo of Robert C. Hagens Robert C. Hagens
Vice President,
photo of Thomas C. Halbouty Thomas C. Halbouty
Vice President,
Chief Information Officer Chief Technology Officer
photo of Frank W. Hall Frank W. Hall
Vice President and
Chief Accounting Officer
photo of Mark H. Kleinman Mark H. Kleinman
Vice President,
Corporate Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer
photo of Larry N. Paulsen Larry N. Paulsen
Vice President,
Administration and
Risk Management
Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr.
Vice President,
Corporate Engineering
photo of Tom Spalding pending Tom Spalding
Vice President,
photo of Susan Spratlen Susan A. Spratlen
Vice President,
Sustainable Development
and Communication
photo of Roger W. Wallace Roger W. Wallace
Vice President,
Government Affairs
photo of Scott D. Sheffield Scott D. Sheffield
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Charles E. Ramsey Charles E. Ramsey  1, 2, 4
Retired Energy Industry Executive
photo of Thomas D. Arthur Thomas D. Arthur  2, 4
Former President and CEO
Havatampa Incorporated
photo of Edison C. Buchanan Edison C. Buchanan  3, 4
Former Managing Director
Credit Suisse First Boston
photo of Andrew F. Cates Andrew F. Cates  3, 4
Managing Member
Value Acquisition Fund
photo of R. Hartwell Gardner R. Hartwell Gardner  2, 4
Retired Treasurer
Mobil Corporation
photo of Andrew D. Lundquist Andrew D. Lundquist  3, 4
Managing Partner
BlueWater Strategies LLC
photo of Scott J. Reiman Scott J. Reiman  3, 4
Hexagon Investments
photo of Frank A. Risch Frank A. Risch  2, 4
Retired Vice President and Treasurer
Exxon Mobil Corporation
J. Kenneth Thompson  3, 4
President & CEO
Pacific Star Energy, LLC
photo of Jim A. Watson Jim A. Watson  2, 4
Senior Counsel
Carrington, Coleman
Sloman & Blumenthal, L.L.P.


1 Lead Director
2 Audit Committee
3 Compensation and Management
   Development Committee
4 Nominating and Corporate
   Governance Committee


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