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Health and Safety

pioneer team on gulf coast platformPioneer's management is committed to maintaining a proactive safety culture whereby health, safety and environmental (HS&E) excellence will be considered synonymous with the name Pioneer Natural Resources.

It is Pioneer's policy to conduct its operations and business in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, others involved in its operations and the public. Pioneer will strive to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses through the proactive participation of every employee. Pioneer is committed to complying with all applicable laws and to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage health and safety risks associated with its activities.

To accomplish this, Pioneer shall:

  • Maintain an active and experienced health and safety department.
  • Provide safety training for the necessary employees.
  • Promote safety awareness through regularly scheduled safety meetings.
  • Encourage employee involvement throughout Pioneer by organizing Safety Action Committees and the Central Safety Committee.
  • Maintain the "Buddy System" for all employees working in hazardous areas or potentially unsafe conditions.
  • Implement and maintain the "Ride Along Program" to prevent unsafe activities by observing an employee's daily activities.
  • Provide employees with incentives to comply with all health and safety standards through the Safety Award Program.
  • Investigate and track injury incidents and conduct safety studies to better prevent future injury incidents.
  • Implement and maintain the Loss Control Management System (LCMS) to identify the environmental, health and safety standards required by Pioneer and the means that will achieve these standards.
  • Implement and maintain the Safety and Environmental Management Plan for Pioneer's operations conducted in offshore areas and the Process Safety Management plan for Pioneer's gas plants to accomplish the success of LCMS.


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