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Henry Galpin accepts gas star award
Pioneer accepting an award for its active participation in the Natural Gas STAR program.

Pioneer has long been committed to the goal of safe, efficient and environmentally sound business practices and operations and has been supportive of endeavors aimed at preserving our environmental heritage. Pioneer believes that such commitment is consistent with its economic goals and is in the best interests of its shareholders. Recently, the EPA used Pioneer as a case study (PDF - 1.53MB) for their Natural Gas STAR Program.

It is Pioneer's policy to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and not to condone any failure by its employees to comply with such laws and regulations. Pioneer shall conduct its business in a manner that protects employees, others involved in its operations and the public from unacceptable risks due to toxic substances which are produced or used in Pioneer's business. Pioneer is committed to continuous efforts to identify and manage risks associated with such substances.

To accomplish this, Pioneer shall:

  • Maintain an active and experienced environmental department and gas plant supervisors to oversee environmental compliance.
  • Provide mandatory training in waste minimization, emergency response and compliance with federal and state regulations for necessary employees.
  • Conduct standard environmental due diligence procedures related to acquisitions, existing properties and areas of potential environmental impacts to soil, water or air.
  • Conduct annual environmental inspections on all major facilities and plants.
  • Maintain a firmly established chain-of-command to react to environmental problems and emergency responses that may arise.
  • Implement and maintain a system to track causes of spills and identify problem areas to better prevent future spills.
  • Implement and maintain the Loss Control Management System (LCMS) to manage the environmental, health and safety standards required of Pioneer and identify the means by which Pioneer will achieve these standards.
  • Implement and maintain the Safety and Environmental Management Plan for Pioneer's operations conducted in offshore areas.
  • Maintain an active membership in the TxOGA Environmental and Regulatory Committees and the EPA's Natural Gas STAR Program.
  • Engage environmental consultants for specific expertise on an "as needed" basis.
  • Maintain continuous dialog with federal, state and international agencies.
  • Maintain an active participation in the voluntary remediation of properties in the voluntary clean-up program of several states.
In some areas, Pioneer's operations may have the potential to affect indigenous communities inhabiting those areas. Pioneer strives in its operations to protect human rights, minimize impacts to native lands and culture and demonstrate respect for the cultural, social and religious beliefs and traditions of others. Pioneer shall recognize and comply with local, tribal, state, and federal laws that apply to Pioneer's operations.


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