We are dedicated to maintaining a proactive culture whereby “safety” is considered synonymous with the name Pioneer Natural Resources. Specifically, our commitment is to protect the health and safety of all involved in and around our facilities and operating areas by enforcing high standards, strict corporate policies and responsible and ethical procedures.

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, vendors and community members come first in every decision we make. Their well-being is important to us, and it is imperative that Pioneer provides the safe and effective workplace needed for producing sustainable results. In doing so, we not only comply with industry regulations, we exceed them.

Pioneer recognizes that as our operations grow, new challenges develop. Therefore, we have enacted a continuous improvement initiative that empowers all employees – from field personnel to executive teams – to identify ways to raise corporate safety standards and awareness.

Pioneer has developed an active safety governance through our Central Safety and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Oversight committees, which set the direction and vision for safety programs at each of Pioneer’s asset areas. These committees provide support and direction to the field office Safety Action committees and teams. They also set up ad hoc subcommittees to work on issues involving new regulations and policies, conduct specific safety studies and establish area-wide consistency to the Safety programs.

The heart of Pioneer’s Safety Program is through the Safety Action teams and Supervisor Safety Action committees. These teams are responsible for reporting and discussing safety concerns raised in field operations, reviewing and discussing accident investigations and near misses, assisting with field inspections and observations and developing and reviewing corporate standard operating procedures.

The proactive measures we take include:

  • A highly involved and committed management team
  • Strict adherence to corporate HSE policies and plans
  • Detailed metrics for measuring success and annual goals for each operating area
  • Active emergency response and crisis plans and regular drills
  • An Operations Excellence Training department
  • Routine inspections and audits of facilities and equipment
  • Educating and training employees on proper safety behavior, expectations and procedures
  • Partnering with preferred vendors who pass our strenuous HSE criteria
  • A dedicated Safety Team