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       The information in this document includes forward-looking statements that
are made  pursuant  to the Safe  Harbor  Provisions  of the  Private  Securities
Litigation  Reform Act of 1995.  Forward-looking  statements,  and the  business
prospects of Pioneer Natural Resources Company ("Pioneer" or the "Company"), are
subject  to a number of risks and  uncertainties  which may cause the  Company's
actual results in future periods to differ  materially from the  forward-looking
statements.   These  risks  and  uncertainties   include,  among  other  things,
volatility  of oil and gas  prices,  product  supply  and  demand,  competition,
government regulation or action,  litigation,  the costs and results of drilling
and  operations,  the  Company's  ability to replace  reserves or implement  its
business plans, access to and cost of capital,  uncertainties about estimates of
reserves,  quality of technical data and  environmental  risks.  These and other
risks are  described in the  Company's  Annual  Report on Form 10-K for the year
ended December 31, 2021 that is available from the Company or the Securities and
Exchange Commission.
Definitions of Oil and Gas Terms Used Herein
       Within this Current  Report on Form 8-K, the  following oil and gas terms
have  specific  meanings:  "Bbl"  means a  standard  barrel of 42 United  States
gallons;  "BOE" means a  barrel-of-oil  equivalent and is a standard  convention
used to express  oil,  natural gas liquids and gas volumes on a  comparable  oil
equivalent basis (with equivalent gas volumes  determined using the ratio of six
thousand cubic feet of natural gas to one BOE);  "MBOEPD" means thousand BOE per
day;  "Btu" means  British  thermal unit;  "MMBtu" means one million Btu;  "Mcf"
means one  thousand  cubic feet and is a measure of natural gas  volume;  "MMcf"
means one thousand Mcf; "NGL" means natural gas liquid;  and,  "NYMEX" means the
New York Mercantile Exchange.
First Quarter 2001 Outlook Update
       Based on current expectations and partial actual results recorded for the
first  quarter  ended March 31, 2001,  the Company is  furnishing  the following
update of its first quarter 2001 outlook:
       Prices and volumes.  The Company's first quarter  realized price for oil,
including  the effects of price  hedges,  is  expected to average  approximately
$25.00 to $25.50 per Bbl. The Company's first quarter average realized price for
natural  gas  liquids  is  expected  to be  between  $23.25  and $23.75 per Bbl.
Pioneer's first quarter  realized price for gas,  including the effects of price
hedges, is expected to average approximately $4.00 to $4.20 per Mcf.
       Pioneer's   first   quarter   production   is  now  expected  to  average
approximately  110 MBOEPD,  as compared to the Company's initial estimate of 112
to 114 MBOEPD.  The adjustment  from Pioneer's  initial  production  estimate is
primarily  attributable to reduced gas sales in Argentina.  In the Neuquen basin
area,  unanticipated  compressor maintenance and curtailments due to unscheduled
downstream  pipeline  repairs are  negatively  impacting gas  production for the
first quarter.  The Company will lose gas sales volumes of approximately  15,000
Mcf per day until the pipeline repairs are completed in April. Additionally,  in
the Tierra del Fuego area of Argentina,  unscheduled  plant  downtime at a large
gas purchaser led to curtailment  of Pioneer's gas  production of  approximately
12,000 Mcf per day for 17 days during the first quarter.
       Costs and expenses.  Pioneer's  first quarter 2001 oil and gas production
costs are expected to average  approximately $5.80 to $6.00 per BOE, as compared
to the Company's  initial estimate of $5.70 to $6.15 per BOE. First quarter 2001
depreciation,   depletion  and  amortization  expense  is  expected  to  average
approximately $5.10 per BOE, as compared to Pioneer's initial estimated range of
$4.90 to $5.10 per BOE. Total exploration and abandonment expense is expected to
be between $17 million and $39  million,  as compared to the  Company's  initial
estimate  of $15  million  to  $30  million.  The  adjustment  of the  Company's
estimated  exploration and abandonment expense is attributable to an increase in
and the  timing of the  Company's  first  quarter  exploratory  drilling,  as is
further  elaborated upon in "Exploration and development  expenditures",  below.
General and  administrative  expense is expected to be approximately $11 million

during the first  quarter of 2001,  as compared to Pioneer's  initial  estimated
range of $9 million to $10  million.  Interest  expense  is  expected  to be $36
million to $37 million, including approximately $3 million of non-cash interest,
as  compared  to the  Company's  initial  estimated  range of $38 million to $39
       Provision for income taxes. Pioneer estimates that its first quarter 2001
provision for income taxes will be approximately $3 million.
       Exploration  and development  expenditures.  The Company expects to incur
approximately  $130 million to $140  million of costs on first  quarter 2001 oil
and gas property acquisitions,  exploration and development drilling activities.
Significant  exploratory  drilling  projects  still  in  progress  or  yet to be
initiated during the first quarter include one exploratory well in each of South
Africa and Gabon, two deepwater Gulf of Mexico  exploratory wells and three Gulf
Coast continental shelf wells.
Hedging Program Update
       During the first quarter of 2001,  Pioneer  increased its 2001 hedged oil
and gas sales volumes and has hedged a portion of its forecasted  2002, 2003 and
2004 gas sales.  The following  table  summarizes the Company's open oil and gas
hedge contracts ("1st Quarter" includes only March 2001 hedges) and the weighted
average NYMEX equivalent prices for those contracts:

                               1st          2nd          3rd           4th
                             Quarter      Quarter      Quarter       Quarter        2002        2003        2004
                            ---------    ---------    ---------     ---------     --------    --------    --------
Oil swaps
   Barrels per day             19,033       19,209        8,740         2,000
   Price per Bbl            $   28.38    $   28.92    $   29.28     $   30.14
Oil costless collars
   Barrels per day              7,000        7,000        2,000         2,000
   Ceiling price per Bbl    $   23.33    $   23.33    $   31.43     $   31.43
   Floor price per Bbl      $   19.29    $   19.29    $   25.00     $   25.00
Gas  swaps
   MMBtu per day              142,723      114,223       84,223        61,016       80,000      24,932      25,068
   Price per Mcf            $    6.75    $    4.15    $    3.65     $    2.90     $   4.75    $   4.50    $   4.55
Gas costless collars
   MMBtu per day               54,482       54,482       54,482        54,482       20,000
   Ceiling price per Mcf    $    2.90    $    2.90    $    2.90     $    2.90     $   6.00
   Floor price per Mcf      $    2.25    $    2.25    $    2.25     $    2.25     $   4.50
4 PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES COMPANY S I G N A T U R E S Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized. PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES COMPANY Date: March 12, 2022 By: /s/ RICH DEALY ------------------------------------------- Rich Dealy Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer 5

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