Rockies: Purgatoire River

A Closer Look at Water Quality

The watershed-monitoring program in the Purgatoire River Basin of Colorado was created in order to collect and evaluate surface water quality. The study is sponsored by Pioneer and XTO Energy, along with Tetra-Tech, Inc., a national environmental consulting firm handling the design, implementation and analysis of the collected data.

This study’s mission is to answer questions about the water quality in the river, which would help support decisions and regulatory options introduced to the Water Quality Control Commission. The flow rate information that has been gathered benefits community members who need access to the water supply for irrigation purposes. The study also promotes the formation of watershed groups who inspect total watersheds and determine issues that may be problematic regarding quantity and quality of the water.  

This program, in addition to the Apishapa Water Monitoring Project, received rave reviews, including acclaim from the Colorado Trout Unlimited, an environmental organization championing the health and protection of watersheds. The organization felt that those involved, including Pioneer, went above and beyond, engaging and involving the community in a transparent way. Oil and Gas Investor recognized Pioneer as Best Corporate Citizen for the company’s participation in the regional watershed monitoring system in the Raton Basin.

With this study, community members have received beneficial information about the water as well as public access to data. This information will undoubtedly improve the functioning condition of the Purgatoire River and its tributaries. Through continued water conservation and improved water quality, Pioneer hopes to make a lasting difference in the environment and in the community it serves.

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