Senior Database Engineer
Las Colinas - TX
Available Positions - 1
Application Deadline: 1/22/10

General Summary

This position is responsible and accountable for creating standards for, implementation of and management of Pioneer’s databases to include but not limited to the security, availability and performance of Pioneer’s databases.

Major responsibilities include participating in the project planning and requirements for new and/or upgraded application databases.  The position works closely with the application vendor and client to understand the requirements and make documented recommendations based on the application and client needs.   Work closely with the System Engineers to optimize system and database.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain database standards and document for the protection and performance of the data.
  • Create and maintain database backup standards and document for the protection of the data.  Includes procedures for testing of backups via restorations and integrity checking techniques.
  • Create client questionnaire related to database access requirements so that security and backup can be determined for each new project.
  • Provide reporting of database performance metrics, tablespace availability, and overall database disk space usage.
  • Develop standard documentation of all implemented databases and their connectivity and access.  Keep the documentation up to date with any changes.  Create a procedure to enforce the updating.
  • Administrate and upgrade the data base as needed.
  • Evaluate industry available tools to monitor the databases.  Provide recommendations for tools that meet the business requirement at an appropriate cost.  Implement and use tools to proactively monitor critical database functions and be proactively warned in the event of a potential problem.
  • Consult on projects to set up databases’ security and data access requirements.
  • Work with Project Managers to provide proper time for testing and piloting database related projects.
  • Monitor and recommend database upgrades and data moves.
  • Keep up with changes in the database world to optimize Pioneer databases.
  • Be familiar with the Applications requiring databases so that better assistance can be provided.
  • Work closely with application vendors to provide best support for the application databases.
  • Provide support to Database Engineer for escalated issues.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate contractor SOWs (Statement of Work) as it pertains to database implementation.
  • Follow IT policies, procedures and processes.
  • Work with Asset Management on maintenance and support contracts for databases.
  • Proactively alert clients of database problems.
  • Utilize Service Center to track database related calls and solutions to issues.  Use Event Calendar to schedule database events.  Provide manager with weekly Status Report to include statistics on Pioneers databases and their backups.
  • Proactively define and manage risk.


A college degree in a computer related field with a minimum of 5 years experience in support of databases is required.  Must be able to work effectively in a team environment.  Consulting skills—the ability to understand client needs, manage expectations, and create a supportable database.

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