Sr. Operations Engineer
Denver - CO
Available Positions - 1

Recommend, plan and implement workovers, preventative practices to reduce shut-downs, automation and remote control systems and optimization of production and surface facilities. Work with Reservoir Engineers and Geoscientists to pick new drill locations and to modify or improve completion and stimulation practices. Work with the purchasing group to plan and obtain necessary materials and manage inventory. Analyze wellbores and on-trend assets for re-completion or development opportunities. Perform economic analysis of recommended work, understanding commercial significance of work. Responsible for cost control in the field operations. Recommend innovations in technology and practices to improve profitability. Work with technical assistants and regulatory staff to monitor production and report accordingly.

A Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering is required, other Engineering degrees considered. A minimum of 5 years experience as a Petroleum Engineer is required; coal bed methane experience is a definite plus. Must be self-motivated and confident in his or her decisions, comfortable with responsibility, a great problem solver, and able to prioritize tasks. Candidate must proficient in Microsoft Office, experience in AFE and completion preparation, performing workovers, and completions understanding of artificial lift and good communications skills with field personnel.

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