Electrician Technician
Bivins - TX
Available Positions - 1

Provide journeyman electrician services in maintaining and repairing oil field electrical systems. Respond to voice radio, telephone, and/or personally communicated messages as to electrical problems on Company operated leases, by driving a Company furnished electrician's pickup to the facility involved to diagnose the problem and restore service. Diagnose the electrical problem, providing the on-site repairs such as replacing defective switches, meters, etc., and/or replacing fuses in control panels so as to restore the interrupted electrical service as quickly as possible. Repair or assist in repairing Company owned electric lines, pole-mounted transformers, etc., to the extent that this can be accomplished without the necessity for climbing poles. Maintain records of repair services provided and submit field tickets on jobs completed, parts utilized, etc. Turn in the work orders, mileage reports, time worked information, etc., as required to field office.

A High School diploma or equivalent certification is required and candidate must be a certified Journeyman Electrician with a minimum of 4 years of actual work experience as an oil field Electrician. A current valid vehicle operator’s license with a “clean” driving record is required.

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