Well Service Bulk Plant III – I
Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - 1

Assist with blending of bulk cement materials and load bulk trucks and put documentation on the truck with the load. Be cognizant of and comply with all safety rules and regulations. Attend all (100%) safety training sessions pertaining to this job level. Assist with the performance of basic maintenance on cement bulk plant equipment as well as assisting mechanical staff with higher level maintenance and repairs. Maintain the bulk plant and bulk storage area in a neat and orderly fashion. Operate a forklift and drive bulk cement equipment in the yard for the purpose of loading trucks. Maintain all employee related paperwork, time sheets, etc. This job description reflects the minimum job duties for the entry level position.

A High School diploma or equivalent certification is required with a minimum of 6 months experience as a Well Service EO-V (Cement) or equivalent. A current valid class A CDL with a “clean” driving record is required. These requirements reflect the minimum requirements for the entry level position. The level at which a candidate is hired into is dependent upon the skill level and previous related experience of that candidate and the minimum qualifications for such level that they are hired.

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