Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - Multiple

Responsible for all work performed from the rod basket or tubing board (transferring rods and tubing from vertical racks to elevator). Operate the tubing elevators for standing or running tubing from derrick. Operate rod transfer when standing or running rods from derrick. Pick tubing up from pipe racks and place onto the floor when running tubing in hole and transferring tubing from floor to racks when laying down tubing. The same responsibilities apply when running or laying down rods. When rigging up/down, assist the Operator in lining up the rig with the well. Set hydraulic jacks, handle pads/boards and assist in attaching guy wires to the anchor. Responsible for all elevated work associated with rigging up/down, i.e. removing horses head from pumping unit. Responsible for general inspection and maintenance of workover rig, i.e. check fluid levels – oil, water, hydraulic, and transmission. Report any maintenance issues to the Operator and drive a crew truck as needed.

High School diploma or equivalent certification is required, with 6 to 12 months experience as a Floorhand. Equivalent experience will be considered. Minimum of 1 year Oil & Gas field well servicing experience and general maintenance experience is required. Know and understand PPE requirements. Must be able to effectively communicate and work well with others, multi-task in a fast paced environment, and posses basic problem solving and organization skills. A current valid vehicle operator’s license with a “clean” driving record is required.

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