Compressor Operator II-I
Trinidad - CO
Available Positions - Multiple

Responsible for operations and maintenance of the compressor stations. Maintain fluid levels in engines and reserve tanks. Restart engines and put back on line as needed. Replace dehy filters as required and adjust dehy pumps according to temperatures, pressures and gas flows. Maintain communications regarding operational and mechanical status of compressors and compressor stations with CIG. Maintain corresponding communication with Mechanics and Operators including notifying them of scheduled preventative maintenance at compressor facilities. Keep engines, compressors and compressor facilities clean. Record and understand all compressor readings and related data. Repair minor electrical and mechanical problems as they arise. This job description reflects the minimum job duties for the lower level position.

A High School diploma or equivalent certification is required with 1 year as Well Site Mechanic II or equivalent experience. Must be able to operate all stations in the field and perform basic maintenance, start compressors, perform minor repairs, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problems, and understand dehydration and water handling facilities. Must be able to locate and drive to all compressor facilities. A current valid vehicle operator’s license with a “clean” driving record is required. These requirements reflect the minimum requirements for the lower level position. The level at which a candidate is hired into is dependent upon the skill level and previous related experience of that candidate and the minimum qualifications for such level that they are hired.

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