The training program at Pioneer is different, and we think, better than the traditional offering. We believe that training should directly compliment on-the-job experience. At Pioneer, you and your mentor are held accountable for your training curriculum. Therefore, we allow you along with your mentor the freedom to tailor the courses attended to fit your current needs. New hires are expected to attend a minimum of three major courses per year, while experienced geos attend 1-2 courses per year. The key difference is that our training compliments your day-to-day duties. This ensures learning through practice and theory rather than learning by theory alone. We feel this approach to technical learning benefits the individual more by letting their education experience evolve around their work, rather than by squeezing them through a “one-size fits all” program.

PXD Geoscience Training:
  • Seasoned professionals to attend one school or one professional meeting per year.
  • Less experienced professionals will take two or three schools or two schools and one meeting per year….MANDATORY.
  • Scheduling is to be worked out between the employee and their direct supervisor on an annual basis.
  • Tracking of training will be captured in the Skills Inventory and each professional is responsible for their annual update.
Core Courses:
  • Log Analysis
  • Geophysical Methods in Interpretation
  • Seismic Interpretation- (Mapping Skills)
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Structure-Tectonics Field Course
  • Geochem-Basin modeling
  • DST testing
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Seismic stratigraphy
  • Clastic rocks field course
  • Carbonate rocks field course
Suggested additional courses are:
  • Production Operations
  • Geopressure
  • Borehole Imaging
  • Interpretation of Old Well Logs
  • NMR Logging
  • Geostatistics
  • Reservoir Simulation and Modeling
  • Carbonates Seminars
  • Clastic Seminars
  • Deep Water Sedimentation-Turbidite Seminars
  • Evaporites-Salt Seminars
  • Fractured Reservoirs
  • Basics of Landsat-Remote Sensing Interpretations
  • Gravity Magnetics Interpretations
  • Tectonic Seminars-Rift, Salt, Shear Margins, Compressive
  • Fault seal analysis
  • Advanced Geophysical Training such as Acquisition, Processing, AVO, Seismic Inversion, Statics, 4 D seismic
  • Specific discipline field courses
  • Surface Geochemical Methods

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

“I worked on the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Exploration team, and really enjoyed my time at Pioneer. My project was challenging and tailored very specifically to my interests, and I was immediately useful to the team’s exploration goals. My mentor and the geoscientists on my team were extremely helpful and a wealth of experience and information to me.”

Jonathan Woolley, Intern Summer 2003, Colorado School of Mines

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